Opinion| “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” (novella) by R. L. Stevenson

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
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Author: Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894)
Title: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Genre: Gothic/Horror Novella
Published: 1886
Original language: English

I don’t write reviews as such. I believe one needs some artistic skills in order to write reviews. I simply state opinions on things I have read or watched. And I am not very careful about spoilers, so I am telling you from now, that there is SPOILERS ALERT in all my opinions on books or movies. I always imagine, that I am discussing them with friends, after we have seen a movie together or read the same book.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was supposed to be my Halloween treat for 2019, but I only read it in November, closer to Thanksgiving.

It is a short novella, but it took me a long time to read it. I just couldn’t push myself. A reading, that takes around an hour more or less, took me 3 or 4 days to finish it.

I just felt a heavy feeling about this work of fiction. It wasn’t going smoothly with me.

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Sunday afternoon blues

I wait for the weekend during the whole week. My hopes, that I will manage to catch up on all the things, that make me happy, are always high. My blogging, my reading, my yoga. And usually it is the same scenario: on Fridays I feel tired, on Saturdays I hurry to do chores, so that I can enjoy the rest of the weekend with clean conscience. Before I know it, Saturday is almost over, I am tired from the cleaning, cooking, and similar activities, and all I have left is Sunday.

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Sunday is a completely different story. If we look objectively, it is one whole free day, right?

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I will never be THAT woman

woman looking towards mountain

I realized, that I will never be that woman. The beautiful and strong woman. The elegantly dressed and classy one. The woman, everyone admires and secretly dreams to be like her. The woman, who achieves her goals and leaves trails behind her. The one, who turns heads and fills hearts with jealousy and envy.

I will never be like her.

I am her antipode. I am the invisible one. The plainly dressed. I am the timid and the anxious one. Full of doubts. I always choose the safe path. And even if wild dreams might be whirling deep down in the roots of my being, I never believed I was worthy of any of them. Or strong enough to fight for them.

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The importance of setting boundaries

Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do. ― Irma Kurtz

A recent conversation with an acquaintance and her troubles at work, provoked me to think about boundaries and limits. People are abusing her good intentions and diligence, because she hasn’t shown them where is the line, that shouldn’t be crossed.

I myself learned the lessons of saying No and setting boundaries around my personal space quite late too. I have lived for almost four decades, and only during the last one, I began to find my own worth, dignity and sacredness of personal space.

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Why I believe in leading a low-profile life

Originally written on June 25, 2017.

Image Credit: Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas/Pexels

People are very different in their wishes, dreams, priorities. One thing, that unites us all, is the desire to be happy.

It often happens, that if we fail to be happy in our own life, we get envious and jealous about the happiness of others.

Envy and jealousy are the wrong path to choose. Happiness must be genuine and honest. It can’t be built on the foundation of negative feelings. Such feelings mean we don’t trust enough in our own life, skills and fate.

The only focus must be our own life. Happiness built on other person’s unhappiness is a complex issue.

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